Monday, June 27, 2011

Ireland at the End of the Crooked Path

"I looked back down the crooked path and saw the

How did I get here? Have you ever thought like that in your life? I wouldn't be
surprised because I think we all have.

A little over a year ago I felt like God was calling me to take six months out of my life to join YWAM and then go back to working in the lab in Portland. (It's funny how He only shares what we can handle at the time without overwhelming us.) During the first four weeks of YWAM I knew I would be coming back on staff. At this point I called my folks and told them I wouldn't be coming back to work and that I really felt like I would stay in YWAM. Seven weeks into YWAM I had the opportunity to go on staff with two different DTS' (Discipleship Training School), "Awaken" and "Fire and Fragrance." This turned out to be one of the hardest decisions of my life and at the time I didn't know why... but I ended up choosing Awaken, even though I still felt Fire and Fragrance too, not knowing God's full plan for my time in YWAM.

January of this last year I came back to Kona on staff with Awaken. Being one of the few staff here I had the opportunity to work with the school leader of Fire and Fragrance while I waited for things to get going. It's funny how His plan looks crooked to us, yet it is straight according to heaven's perspective. While helping with ministry in Fire and Fragrance I began to see things in my own life that were holding me back, places that the enemy had hold of. I had some leaders pray with me about this and went through a time of strong deliverance in which I was more free to hear from the Lord. The night this happened I had a dream from the Lord in which He instructed me that I was to be a part of this new school called "Circuit Riders." Reluctantly I took this to Andrew the school leader for Awaken and had him pray and see if he felt it was from God. Andrew confirmed this and more by telling me that he felt the Lord was saying for him to release me completely from Awaken. At the time I didn't want to hear this because I "knew" I was supposed to staff Awaken.

Two months ago I went home to Portland for a month or so to gain perspective and I was really loving it hoping and praying that the Lord would bring me back there soon. I truly thought that he was going to bring me back for good in December. Well it turns out that He saw things differently than I.

Upon my return to Kona a month ago I still believed I would do the 5 week "Circuit Rider" school and then jump into my staffing roll with Awaken and lead a team to Ireland (the Lord spoke to me about going to Ireland in February but I figured it was for outreach with Awaken) for three months then return to Portland in December for good. I had it all planned out but was missing what the Lord was saying. I had heard the Lord yes, but not fully... I was still getting in the way of what He was telling me.

Three weeks ago in the midst of unrest and turmoil in my heart, I laid it all down before the Lord and told Him I would do whatever He wanted me to do as long as there was peace and rest in my heart. This is when He laid it all out for me.

He told me I was to go to Ireland... that I was a part of Awaken... that I was to do Circuit Rider... that I would go back to Portland... BUT NOT HOW I PLANNED IT, RATHER HOW HE PLANNED IT!

As you might notice this is the massively condensed version of the story... but all of this to say the following:

I will be going to Ireland after the five weeks of
Circuit Riders for two months and then I will return to Portland.
I will only be in Portland though for a couple months,
at the end of which I will be moving to Ireland for at least 2 years!
I will carry the heart of Awaken to the community that we are planting
out there and I will always be a part of the Awaken family because
it is with them I did my DTS and with their blessing I go out to
pioneer this community centered around the presence of God!

With all of this said, I know that many of you might still have questions and I don't blame you because I shortened this story like you wouldn't believe. So please feel free to email me or call me with any questions you might have about my decision. In light of this decision I really need long-term support both prayerfully and financially so if you are interested please contact me so I can share more of my heart in all of this. I love you all and life is crazy... but living life for God is so very worth it.

Who would have thought that I would be where I am?
Only God can see the beginning, middle, and end... isn't it time
we trust His voice?!?!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Crooked Path

Have you ever felt like God is taking you all over the map with
no real destination or end in sight?

I want to encourage you in these times to grasp the perspective of heaven
and know that God is good all the time.

I too found myself recently in a time like this not knowing where the Lord was taking me. I have now reached the other end and when I look back, everything really does make sense... yet while it was happening I thought the Lord was either contradicting himself or just trying to make me look crazy. The reality is that neither of these two things were or ever will be true.

If there is anything I can really say to you in these times of what might seem to be "the crooked path," it is to just keep following the Lord's voice and know that He sees the beginning, middle, and end all at the same time always. Not only this, but I believe that God really is more committed to the journey than He is to the destination because it is during the journey that He gets to really work on our hearts and it is when we rely on Him the most. From heaven's perspective we see things outside of time and we see why God wants us to experience certain "events" along the way. So it is only from here (heaven's perspective) that we can really understand the crooked paths to really be straight ones in the eyes of God.

So why do I share this with you now? First of all I am sharing this because I want you to know that everyone goes through times in their lives of obedience to the Lord in which we feel that it is unnecessarily crooked until we get to the end. So I want to encourage you that instead of going through these times being bitter toward the Lord, we should all go through them getting everything out of them that the Lord wants while being joyful and knowing that He is truly faithful to His promises and faithful to the end.

Secondly I am sharing this with you to set you up for my next blog in which I am going to take you through a summarized version of the last year in my life and how I ended up where I am now, and where I am going in about seven weeks. Through my testimony I hope you will see the fullness of God's promises and words even when they make no sense to us at the time. I am truly excited to let you into this journey and to let you be a part of where God is now taking me!!! It is truly an exciting time to follow the Lord!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Above Reproach (by Cassidy Green)

A holy calling has been placed on our life,
in this world that lives by grief and strife.
We should live like the holy other,
Jesus wasn't just our better brother.

He's a standard for living that we've failed since the day we came from our mother.
It's time we step up!
It's time we didn't make excuses!
It's time we lived for more!
It's time we get to the core!

I want to uproot these lies,
the things satan so cleverly puts in disguise.
He's infiltrating the youth by sugar coating non-truth.
He's a damned cavity to our tooth!

I won't stand for this anymore,
Lord please break down societies closed door.
We've locked our hearts and lost the key,
it's probably still with that temptress named "pornography."

So just break it down.
We're so tired of being lost,
God we just want to be found.
And once you're in please cultivate the ground,
dig up the roots that choke up that sound...

The sound of your lips that grips our hearts and flips life back around.
Thank you Jesus,
thank you Jesus.

We're facing you again because you broke off the chains of our sin.
As we weep it's the hand of your love that lifts our chin.

There you are Jesus,
we see your shining face again.
Our tears keep falling as we look into your eyes.
But it's not caused by shame anymore,
no we are done with those lies.

I cry now from your sight.
The most beautiful display of love that didn't fight.
You laid your life down for a sinner like me,
You died and rose so that we could be free.

A holy calling has been placed on our life,
in a world that lives by grief and strife.
We should live like the holy other,
the one who sacrificed his life as a loving brother.

So I stay true to this lover,
there won't be any other.
It's time to step up!
It's time we didn't make excuses!
It's time we lived for more...

Remember the man Jesus Christ,
he's worth dieing for.

Please bare your cross,
losing your life for Him isn't loss.
It's all about seeing things from heaven's perspective,
eternity has a way of changing our objective.

Stop living out the mistake filled stories,
instead manifest all of God's glories.
Because a holy calling has been placed on our life.
Bought by Jesus blood we're called to be His wife.

The bride of Christ,
it's eternities greatest heist,
cause he took authority over death and gave us life.

In this world that lives by grief and strife,
I will live like the holy other!
It's time we honor our holy brother,
and live like God is our only lover!

My Apology

Dear Friends and Family,

I write this letter to you because I feel convicted by my attitude towards some of my blogs. I have not been fully committed to those of you who follow this blog because I have not been committed fully to each post that I do. So first and foremost I ask for your forgiveness for not truly putting as much time and effort into articulating the revelations and ideas that I write about. It is not to say that I don't believe in what I write, but I feel as if I have been giving you my supporters the half-hearted shortened version. So again I ask for your apology in this.

With that said I want to let you know that from now on I am going to make sure that I put in the time and effort to fully get across the idea that I am trying to portray. No more taking the short-cut for the sake of time. I want to be fully committed to you as you are fully committed to me. Thank you for supporting me for what has been a year now! Crazy how time flies and know that I am going to update all of you on what my next step is very soon. I miss you all and thank you so much for your prayers and support.

In Him,

P.S. I hope you enjoy some of my poetry above this post that I have decided I am going to start sharing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

God is on the Move

God is on the move... are we?

A couple months ago I had decided that I was going to go home for about five weeks to see family, friends, and go to some weddings. I figured while I was home I would get to rest and just relax but I had no idea that God had other plans.

I have been asking the question a lot lately,

"Where is God in America?"

Foolishly I actually believed that while God is moving in mighty ways around the world He was not moving in America. That was until I reached the mainland. From day one I began to see the hand of God in my family, friends, Church community, and everywhere I went. From the smallest of towns like Albany, to the hardest places like Oregon State University, I saw the hand of God moving in a mighty way.

I believe there is deception in America and the lie is satan saying, "America is a lost cause and God is not moving here." I break this lie off in the name of Jesus!!! I saw God move! I saw lives get impacted by the presence of God, people are getting healed, others are getting set free, and others are entering the eternal glory that comes from becoming an heir to the Kingdom. Enough of this lie that God is not moving in America because He is. The question though is this...

"Are we moving with Him?"

Ask God what your part is in America. If you don't think that He is moving then repent from unbelief and ask for eyes that see the truth. That is not a word of condemnation but one of redemption. I know because that word was spoken over me. God wants to use us in America so let us let Him!

There is a generation rising up that is walking in what has never been seen before! Just open your eyes and you will see the reality of this. The blind are seeing, the deaf are hearing, and I tell you the God given truth...

The dead ARE being RAISED!

Don't ever tell me that the Christian life is boring... it is the most exciting and only lasting thing you could ever be a part of. I cannot apologize if this message is a bold one simply because we cannot sit back any longer. There has to be a sense of urgency in the body of Christ in America. With great revelation comes great responsibility. The truth has been revealed. We are responsible to ask God what our part in this movement looks like. We cannot turn a blind eye any longer... let us go for this with all we have.

I tell you the truth... God is on the MOVE!!! Are you?