Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't let the End designate our Beginning

Why would you wait till this point?
Why would you wait till when you think the world is going to end to share?
Was this not a mandate for the everyday?
How far does your love reach?

I ask these questions in lite of the recent news and events. We see people thinking that the world is going to end in 2012 and now people think it will end this Saturday. First and foremost these are not my thoughts and beliefs so again this is not an "end time" message. The message that I want to get across rather is something that has been bothering me when I see all of this stuff on the news and hear people talk about the end.

Why would we wait? Why would we as Christians wait until a month or so before we think the world is going to end to start getting serious about sharing the gospel with those who don't believe? Should this not be something that is of high priority in life day in and day out no matter what is happening with the world? Out of the extent of love should we not be sharing with those who don't know how much God loves them and what will happen to those who don't believe? I've quoted this before and I will do it again because I think it is so true and so powerful.

A very popular atheist, Penn from 'Penn and Teller', said, "How much would you have to hate someone if you as Christians truly believe what you say you believe and you didn't share that truth with them? If you really believe that all non-Christians are going to hell, how much do you have to hate them to not at least tell them what you believe?"

How far does your love go?

We as Christians have been forgiven so much and so we have a better understanding (although we don't fully grasp) of the love of God and therefore we should be displaying and sharing this love with everyone we can all of the time. We should not just wait until we think it is the last minute of life as we know it and try to get out there really quick for some "brownie points" with God. Instead we should be doing this all of the time.

Now I am not judging and saying that all of those out there who are proclaiming this to be the end times and sharing the gospel are trying to earn some last minute points with God. I believe that many of them have truly used their lives to share with unbelievers even before this point. And to be honest about it, I do think it is loving that if you really think the world is going to end to take the "last bit of time" and share the gospel with non-believers. But BE CAREFUL that the message is still the true gospel (which could be a doctrinal paradigm to be true to the word and know the exact date; but that is another discussion in itself). The real point of this is don't wait till you think the end is here to share... share every chance you get. I get frustrated when I see an influx of the message simply because we think the end is coming. The truth is our end could come at any moment so why not use every moment for His glory?

To clear up some statements real quick here is my stand-point on everything:
1. I don't think the world is ending this Saturday or 2012
2. I do believe though the earth is groaning for the coming King and we should take such things serious
3. I don't think those preaching the gospel on the streets because they think the world is ending Saturday are bad people at all and I am happy the gospel is getting out, but I hope their message is one of redemption and not damnation
4. I believe we should all be sharing the gospel every chance we get and not wait till "the end"

What in this life are we waiting for to share the love of God?
Don't let the "end" designate our "beginning," share every moment you get!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Confess with your mouth

"Whoever confesses me before men, I will also acknowledge him
before my Father in heaven."
~Matthew 10:32

"That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,'
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead,
you will be saved."
~Romans 10:9

These are not simple words but rather a powerful promise... the only problem is that I believe we have simply lost the reality of true confession. I don't like being the one who says it, but I know it needs to be said.

We are not saved by a cross tattoo on our body nor is it a confession of Christ before men to copy and paste a message on facebook in your news feed saying, "I believe in Jesus." I am not saying that either of these two things are bad within themselves, rather I believe it actually means that you are willing to be held to a higher standard because you have marked yourself for Christ. Don't mark yourself if you are not willing to pay the price.

I say these things because so many times I have taken the easy way out and while I don't believe that being a Christian is supposed to be necessarily a "hard thing," it will make you uncomfortable at times because it goes against all that is "popular" to this world. We are supposed to be living for a kingdom not of this world which means that we truly must stand up for what we believe or else an unbelieving world is only going to continue and see "Christians" as a bunch of hypocrites that can play the part but when push comes to shove they would rather not be uncomfortable.

When you bear a cross on your arm or a tattoo that declares you are a Christian, then you have to live to a standard that represents the reality of a walk with Jesus. If you put up a post on your facebook wall that declares you are a Christian, then your life better reflect that of Christ or we are only continuing to blind the world from the truth. Whatever you declare with your lifestyle, the clothes your wear, the bracelet that says WWJD, the bumper sticker on your car, and even the things we write in a blog... none of these things can replace the fullness of what we are called to. They are not bad things within themselves, but we must realize that such things only hold us more accountable to make our lives look like Christ, they do not replace a life of imitating Christ! If your life and the things you say in public do not reflect the little Christian "trinkets" that we surround ourselves with daily, we are only making the body of Christ look that much more fake and weak.

Until you are willing to live the life of Christ, and profess His truths to this world
with your mouth and actions,
don't decorate the outer-self as if you are...
First comes a life of obedience and love, then the rest will follow.