Friday, February 25, 2011

Blessings at Birth

Sometimes we are blessed at birth. I know I was and yet we don't always acknowledge it publicly.

Well it is time that this changes and I want everyone to know especially my folks that my brothers and I are truly blessed with the most amazing parents.

Tonight as I sat in a classroom of up to one-hundred people, Tom Cole and his wife began the first night of the "Pure Heart" conference that we are blessed to have here this weekend. Much of tonight was focused on their testimony but the rest talked about something known as the "mother wound" in a person's life. The mother wound refers to the parental wounds from our childhood that hinder our relationships with God because we hold onto a pain that was meant to be placed on the cross with Jesus as we see in Isaiah 53, and through this we build up walls around our heart created through rejection and pain. Once we got to the end of the lecture tonight, we went into a time of ministry which included asking the Holy Spirit to show us all of the hurt from our childhood that hinders our relationship with God. Once this was revealed we were offered the opportunity to go to the front and have the ministry team pray freedom and deliverance over our lives from such things.

As I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal any hurt that my parents might have caused me growing up, I began to have images (such as you would see if you were looking through an old family photo album) of my parents and I all the way back to when I could have been almost four years old by my appearance if not younger. Not one image was hurtful or brought me sadness, instead I began to tear up as I realized the Holy Spirit was revealing to me how amazing and how much of a blessing my parents have been in my life and how they always laid down everything so that my brothers and I would have a better life than they had. Images of how they were always there for us and always brought about love and affection. As I lifted my head from these visions and opened my eyes I noticed that almost 75% of the room was at the front receiving prayer.

How sad it is that so many lives are stifled because of the rejection they receive as a child. Yet God is a good God and wants to show all of us the love we were meant to have... but that is a whole different subject for a different time.

The subject at hand is that as I saw everyone up front I realized how truly blessed I have been so I grabbed my stuff and came to my room to write this blog to everyone, but especially to my parents... and to tell them how truly blessed and loved they always made me feel. I love you Mom and Dad and thank you for all of your sacrifice, patience, LOVE, and compassion... because without it your three sons would not be where we are today. You guys are truly the best and I know God is so proud of you for being the parents you are and always sticking it out even in the hard times. Thank you for it all.

P.S. - one of the images I got was me and mom both dressed up as lady bugs when I was very young for a halloween party... what was that all about, I should have been a lion or something manly like that hahahaha... Love you two so much!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Lamp of My Body

This last weekend Andy Byrd hit us with some revelation that just about destroyed the things I used to fill my free time with. Since I don't want to be alone in this, I thought I would destroy this for you as well :) (Sorry Casey but I am going to point out the Simpsons in this!)

There is a pattern these days that Satan has followed in the west in order to fill our lives with deceit and destruction. When you think about it, he has truly been clever in how he would infiltrate the minds of the western world and let sin slip in the cracks and influence our lives. Well it is time we uncover his plan and truly realize that we have the option to stop it.

Did you realize that one of the biggest ways that something which conflicts with the Word of God gets into our lives is when people begin to laugh at it. Once you get people to laugh at it, it will slowly become acceptable (i.e. violence, rebellion, sex out of marriage, and homosexuality). At this point a cycle kicks in which is absolutely destructive.

What one generation allows, the next becomes addicted to, and the next is destroyed by it. If you don't believe me in either of the two statements above, then think about this... My generation grew up on the Simpsons and in turn became one of the most rebellious generations combined with the highest rate of apathetic parenting in America. Why are we so shocked that these are truths when we were continually influenced by the life-style of Bart (rebellion) and Homer (apathy). To not just pick on one show, let us look at Friends (and believe me this was a hard truth because this is one of my favorite sitcoms). Is it any surprise that we live in a time of the highest rate of sexual relations outside of wedlock? If you watch Friends, Seinfield, or Two and a Half Men again, see how often they portray this to be ok... the results will blow you away. I don't want to spend all day looking at the shows and music that have truly influenced our lives, but the examples are just about endless.

Matthew 6:22-23 explains this and warns us again it when it says, "The eye is the lamp of the body. If then your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is diseased, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!" Jesus never just said something to fill in the silence... He came to this earth and was born to TESTIFY TO THE TRUTH (watch the Truth Project if you want to know more on this).

Now before we play these things off and deny this, I truly want you to stop and think about it. Really ask God to show you the truth on this one. I can assure you that once you ask Him the reality on this matter you will see that it is not wise to let these things be a part of your life. Now there is nothing wrong with some tv here or there, or a movie one in a while. That is not my point. What I am saying is to be careful what you put in.

If you really want to be challenged in this, before you watch tv or a movie, ask God if He wants to watch it with you (I tell you to Him because His Spirit that was left with us should truly be our best friend and wouldn't you want your best friend to hangout with you all the time?). If He says NO, let me give you some advice by telling you not to watch it... Don't ever close the door on God over something as unimportant as a movie or tv show. The Bible says we can "grieve" the Spirit by ignoring Him, shutting Him out, or saying no... we don't want to do this.

I would love to talk with you further about this, so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment below, email me, or even call me. Trust me you aren't losing anything by cutting these things out of your life, but rather you are gaining so much more than you could imagine.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lord help me

What do you do when the Lord has called you into a place of mass chaos? What do you do when it is so strongly on your heart to help a people that are confused, angry, broken, and sorrowful all at the same time? This is where I am at right now.

God has put it so strongly on my heart to go into Egypt and it is at a time of turmoil that the calling is so strong. What am I to do? I can't even really get into the country right now, let alone go in and preach the word. Yet this is nothing compared to the calling on Jonah's life. So do I go or do I not? Well without worrying my parents, family and friends too much... for the time being I will not be going until we can see a more clear outcome on what is going to happen with the government. While this is the time that Egypt needs God most, it is not a time that I am able to get in. As a matter of fact the plan was to meet up with a YWAM team from Kona that would already be in Egypt come April, but due to the rioting they may not even be going now.

Does this mean that I will not go to Egypt for sure? No it doesn't. What it does mean though is that if God wants me in Egypt then I need a clear word and a clear opening for me to be able to get there. LORD HELP ME... because I don't know what to do.

This is a time where I could really use your prayers as I seek out God's plan for this year in my life. If God wants me in Egypt I will go without question. But if this is not the time, then where does He want me. I ask that as you pray for direction in my life that you would please share any words that you may get from God for me. I could use all of the help you can give me right now. As things progress in Egypt I will keep you in the loop as to whether I am going or not... but please, please be praying for clear direction for me. I love you guys and please email me at if you get any words for me during your prayers.