Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Next Generation

As I sat in my room reading God's word this morning I could hear the children from the preschool playing on the playground right next to me. I took a pause at the end of my time reading and just watched and asked God what was on His mind as the Father of all of these children running around. He said, "The Next Generation is going to advance the Kingdom in ways we've never seen before."

I thought about it and I truly see the reality of this. These children are being raised up in a time where the glory of God is manifesting in massive ways around the world. Some of the biggest revivals of all times are happening around the world especially in Asia, Africa, and South America. It is insane to hear the testimony's of what is going on around the world. Above all of this to, I see an awakening happening in the US that many have been praying about for years. For those of you who don't know, there are insanely powerful movements of God spreading throughout the US right now and the next generation is coming up in the wake of this.

I don't think I can fully grasp the reality of what is happening but I tell those of you reading this, that this is a time to pray and pray persistently. A movement is happening, and foundations are shaking. God is releasing something massive on the next generation and our job is not to sit back and watch, but to usher in His Kingdom and His movement. We are to be like King David in 1 Kings who was told by God that he would not build the temple but rather his son Solomon would be the one to build God's Temple. The lesson we learn from this though is that David did not just sit back and say "ok" God. Instead he went and gathered all of the material necessary so that his son would have everything he needs to do God's will.

Let us in this time be like David. While it is not our time to build the "temple" if you will, it is our time to gather whatever is necessary so that the next generation is ready to usher in God's calling. Don't take this as an excuse not to listen to what God wants you to do now because we are called to still minister to Him, but I am saying that we should really raise up the next generation properly letting them know the calling on their lives. I am so excited to see what is going to happen and I ask all of you to really think about this and think of the ways that God is calling you to prepare the way for the next generation.

Side note... my mission account through the school is in technical difficulties but as soon as it is up I will be emailing a news letter letting you all know what is going on, where I will be going, and how you can help. I love you all, be blessed and please email me anytime with questions, or just encouraging words.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Way of the Kingdom

The way of the Kingdom is the way of the cross. As I was reading through the Word today, I was struck with the revelation of the Kingdom and the Cross. In Luke 23 we read that Jesus and two other criminals came to the place called the Skull (or "Calvary" which comes from the Latin word for "skull") and all three of them were crucified there. Jesus was on the center cross and the two criminals were on either side of Him.

As we go back to Mark 10:35-39, we read about James and John who asked that in the glorious Kingdom if they could sit in places of honor next to Him (one at the right and the other at the left). But Jesus' reply was, "You don't know what you are asking! Are you able to drink from the bitter cup of sorrow I am about to drink? Are you able to be baptized with the baptism of suffering I must be baptized with?"

You see James and John wanted what we all want... to be honored guests in the Kingdom of Heaven. But those places are not just given to anyone, they are for those who are willing to take the way of the cross. These two position-conscious disciples wanted to be honored next to Jesus but He explained to them that a person who wants to be close to Him must be prepared to suffer and die with Him.

Are you willing to take the way of the cross? This doesn't have to be literal, but all throughout the Gospels we hear Jesus say take up your cross and follow me. Take the way of sacrifice, the way of the cross. What are you holding onto right now that you need to give up to God for GOOD? What do we want out of the Kingdom? Do we want to simply be ok with just barely escaping hell or do we want to be at the foot of Jesus... because if you do, you must first go to the foot of the cross. And if we say we want that... do we truly understand what we are saying? James and John did not know what they were asking. I pray that we, in light of the Word and Holy Spirit, know what we are truly asking in the times we speak to God.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Page

How will I write this one? This is more than a new chapter in life... it is an entirely new book. So how will I write this one? I've always heard that an opening paragraph is one of the most important parts of a book, so what then shall it say about me?

God has completely turned my life around. For those of you who have been following the past eight months of my life know that God has broken me down to nothing only to build back up the way I was meant to be. I cannot describe the gratitude I have for the transformation of my life but I know that I can never do anything, nor does God ask for anything, worthy of His love. By grace He pours out His love abundantly on us and all we must do is receive it with open arms. But even though I can never do anything worthy of His love... I want to love Him in return by giving Him my everything.

So that is why I want the first chapter of my new life to portray nothing but how I love Him with everything I have. God I do love you and I want this to be declared by more than just words, but with my life. I have given my life to Him and in doing so I have decided to let the Spirit lead me. So tomorrow I get on a plane with a one-way ticket back to Kona Hawaii because that is where God has called me... to serve with the Awaken Family. I am so blessed that this is where my life is being taken and I know that this is only the beginning of a life journey filled with supernatural adventures... and I CANNOT WAIT!

I ask that all of you support me in any and every way God calls you to. Please pray for me as I step out into His calling, and just as much please stay in touch with me because I truly want you to partner with me on this mission. I want you to be involved in every step I take and to always be an encouraging voice in the hard times. For those of you who feel led to partner with me financially as well please let me know and I will be in touch with you as to what that need looks like (you can email me at

This is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life and it is certainly the most fulfilling. For all of you who I was able to see while back home I truly hope that you saw the transformation in my life and through it you understand why I am doing what I am doing. Please be with me during this time as I am with you as well. Any and all prayers, questions, or words you need or want please let me know because I want to be there for you as you are there for me. I love you all and can't wait to see what God has lined up for me... blessings.