Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Full Armor of God

When you are going into some of the darkest places in the world to bring God's Kingdom, you must be ready for a battle that is not of flesh and blood but of the spirit.

While Ephesians 6 describes the full armor of God (which in reality this picture is missing the shield but don't let that be a hinderance to the point hahaha) and a battle that is not of this world but one that goes on in the reality of the Spiritual, it is easy to read and not fully understand. Well the reality of this has began to hit not just our team but many of the teams around the world.

I now truly understand that we are bringing the Light of Heaven into the Darkness of hell on this earth and it is not something to be taken lightly. As many of you know our team has been working a lot in the slums here in Mumbai which has been amazing and God is having so much impact on the lives there. It is such a blessing to be a part of this, but the reality is that the darkness is not going to just sit back and watch as we invade his strongholds.

Last night as our team left the slums after a night of ministry, which led to a family coming to the Lord, a few of us on the team began to get attacked spiritually. While many of you may not believe in such things as I did not for a long time, the reality is that it is very real and can be very devastating. So as this began to happen our team decided that we needed to go home and let Jesus do His work in this situation. After prayer for deliverance and protection the glory of God showed up in a mighty way and led our team into a night of worship. God is always with us and will always protect us if we come into that truth and let Him do His work.

I say this not to frighten but to let everyone know the reality of doing God's work. We must be in prayer and put on the full armor of God everyday and just rest in God's great love. Our team is not the only one being attacked in such ways, team Haiti is getting hit hard in the spiritual and it is even taking effect in the physical. They are ok though and are continuing in God's great work solely because of the protection and love of the Lord Almighty. All of this, while hard to deal with, is a great sign though. This truly reasures our teams that what we are doing is having eternal and Heavenly impact and because of this, all that is of evil is not happy and is trying to stop the impact... which cannot be stopped when it is under the wings of God's grace, love, hope and all else that is of Him.

I am so privileged to be doing what I am doing and it is truly an adventurous life. I am only here because of your support and so again I thank you and want to encourage you that your support is shaking the foundations of this earth. I encourage you to keep our team and all of the teams in your prayers and rest assured that God is moving in mighty ways. Blessings on all of you and pray for strength as we continue pressing in these last couple weeks. Much love from India.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Awaken Revival

The world is burning with Revival. If you aren't paying attention you may not see it but if you look at what is happening around the world right now... it is set ablaze with revival that is spreading like wildfire. This is the time and we are right in the middle of it... where else would you want to be?

Many things are happening around the world and India is one of these places. Revival is breaking out here and it is such a blessing to be here during this time. But it is not enough to see it happening here, in China, South Korea, South America, Africa and all over the world but not America.

As our team met this week for more prayer and worship we were asked to be silent and let God give us two words, one to describe this past year, and one to describe our future. Without a second going by two words came to my mind about my life... AWAKEN REVIVAL.

As you know this blog is called words of the waking, and in God's beautiful plan he gave me this title about a month before my DTS was changed from being called Classic DTS to Awaken DTS. This is the theme of my life for the past six months or so. I have been a "Christian" my whole life but I have been asleep and useless. But about six months ago God hit me and helped me to realize that I wasn't happy because I knew there was more. He told me to wake up and realize the life He has planned for me... so this is what I have been doing... I have finally been opening my eyes and waking up to the reality of the life God calls us to.

The next word God gave me is for my future... REVIVAL. Now that I am awake I cannot go back to sleep. Now that I know the reality of God and His calling on my life, I would not wish to change it. He has called me to help bring revival wherever I go. My testimony is one that He wants to use to spark a flame in people all over the world but also He has really put it on my heart to be a part of the revival that is going to happen in America. I am ready for the third Great Awakening to happen all over the world and especially in the US. We need it more than anything right now because so many of our churches (not all) are sleeping through God's calling.

I have never been so excited in my life because God is giving me vision after vision of revival He wants to bring through the awakening in my life and many others lives around me. I am telling you first hand that there is a great movement going on around the world and I encourage you to wake up wherever you are and be a part of it. You do not want to miss what God is about to do... because it is going to rock the foundations of this world. Pray continuously for this reality and to have your heart open to what God is doing right now!

this is my prayer for you and all the nations.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finishing Strong

The finish line is in sight and your mind begins to race... "what's next? How are you going to finish? Keep going strong!"

As our team is here again in Mumbai with just over three weeks left, it is easy for the mind to start racing around and getting off track from the reason why we are here. So how will we finish? Our team has come back to Mumbai with one goal in mind... to finish strong. The thing on our hearts the most is to not be complacent and think about the short amount of time left. We have been pressing hard into prayer and really asking God for the motivation to end better than we began. I ask all of you at home to pray for the same thing.

God has really been doing a work in us because of the time we have been spending in prayer. Everyday back here in Mumbai has been amazing and God has really been answering our prayers. We have been looking for every opportunity and door that God opens for us. We have been stepping out in humility and really just pressing into God's heart. We are determined to do as much in this little time we have left as possible and so that when this time is over we can look back and say that we gave it our all. No regrets, nothing missed, this is what we pray for and this is how I encourage each of us to live every day.

We have had the opportunity to go into highly Muslim areas and God is really pressing future opportunities on my heart that I won't share now but as I get more information on such things I will keep you in the loop. I am trying to focus on the time here now, but God is definitely opening doors for where I will probably be leading a team next summer and I am very excited as to His plan for my life. Please keep our team in your prayers and I will keep you all updated on what He is doing in my life. I love and miss you all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Here and Now

Live in the now, don't worry about the future or dwell on what we might call the "good ol' days." For this is the place where we grow with God, the here and now.

I have always been a person who looks to the future. I wonder about what I am going to do next and where I am going to go after this. But something that I have been learning is that God does not want us to worry about the past or dwell on the future. He wants us to be here this very moment in relationship with Him. The past cannot be changed and the future is not guaranteed so why try living in either.

The reality of this has hit me here in India. I know what is next in line for me, I am going to be staffing with the Awaken crew for at least the next two years and I can't wait. I have ideas about where God wants me to lead a team next summer and what He wants me to do in Hawaii. But as for this moment, this is where God wants me and this is what He wants me to do. He wants me to give my all to where I am right now. He wants all of us to take advantage and get the most out of this moment. He has been telling me not to worry about what my time in Hawaii will be like, or where I will lead a team next summer, but rather to focus my mind, strength and heart on the people here in India now. His heart is here with us right now and He wants us to live in and through it.

If we focus too much on the future or dwell too much on the past we are going to miss what God is doing now and the doors He is opening for us. How many times have we not heard God's voice as He called out to us because we were too busy trying to plan our own life? How much better is it to focus on God's voice now and let Him guide us into His path for our life since He saw the beginning and end before we were even born? I am done trying to plan my life because my plan will never be better than His. It is not easy to surrender our time on this earth over to God, but it will be eternally worth it. For our time here on earth is but a blink of the eye in comparison to our eternal destiny. So I encourage you to stop trying to take control and live in this moment right now. Listen to what God is saying to you today because He is telling you how to reach the end of our time on earth in a way that when you come face to face with Him, He will look at you with a smile and open arms then say, "Well done my good and faithful child... Well done."