Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My India Outreach Video

Sorry I have not been updating this for the past couple of weeks. I have been using the time to put together an India outreach video for all of you to see. I hope you enjoy the video and again I thank you all for your support. None of this would have been possible if it weren't for your prayers and contributions... so again I thank you.

*Apologies for the bad quality... Blogger doesn't handle video well. For a better quality see it on Youtube by clicking here ----> INDIA OUTREACH VIDEO

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It won't Always be the Same

It won't always be the same, things are going to change and the comforts we may have once had won't be around all of the time... but this is not what matters. These are not the things we should be focusing on. Instead we should focus on the thing that never changes, God.

As our team finally returned from India to Kona, things weren't the same as they were when we left. There are so many new people on campus, a lot of our old friends are gone, our classroom is now occupied by another DTS, and the campus itself has changed because of the 50th Jubilee celebration that occurred while we were gone. When you are excited to return to the same comforts and you get somewhere and everything has changed, it can be disheartening.

This is why we cannot rely on the comforts and things of this world. Relationships will change, people will come and go, the world itself will change... but God is the same always and forever. He is the one thing we can always rely on. Our relationship with Him has to be the one comfort that we always rely on because it will be with us always and everywhere.

I will admit that once we got back to Kona the first couple days were really hard because so much has changed and I was really looking forward to so many of those things since I will be living here for the next couple years at least. But while I was in the prayer room spending time with God, I was hit with the revelation that the only thing I should rely on is the only thing that never changes. When I set my mind and heart on God, I found the comfort and peace that I was looking for. Even though Kona YWAM has changed, I am starting to see these changes in a new light and everything is looking brighter daily.

We must remember Matthew 6:20-21 which says, "Store your treasures in heaven, where they will never become moth-eaten or rusty and where they will be safe from thieves. Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be." When our heart and thoughts are in heaven, then the changes of this world will not bring us down because we are focused on the eternal... This is where I chose to remain.

A quick update on life... I will be back in Portland this Friday the 17th until January 17th so I am excited to see everyone. I am going to try and have a bbq at my folks for all of you to come so this is your informal invitation with a more formal one to come, and last I am going to make a short video of my India trip which I will hopefully post in the next couple weeks so keep following my blog... love you all and can't wait to see you!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Full Armor of God

When you are going into some of the darkest places in the world to bring God's Kingdom, you must be ready for a battle that is not of flesh and blood but of the spirit.

While Ephesians 6 describes the full armor of God (which in reality this picture is missing the shield but don't let that be a hinderance to the point hahaha) and a battle that is not of this world but one that goes on in the reality of the Spiritual, it is easy to read and not fully understand. Well the reality of this has began to hit not just our team but many of the teams around the world.

I now truly understand that we are bringing the Light of Heaven into the Darkness of hell on this earth and it is not something to be taken lightly. As many of you know our team has been working a lot in the slums here in Mumbai which has been amazing and God is having so much impact on the lives there. It is such a blessing to be a part of this, but the reality is that the darkness is not going to just sit back and watch as we invade his strongholds.

Last night as our team left the slums after a night of ministry, which led to a family coming to the Lord, a few of us on the team began to get attacked spiritually. While many of you may not believe in such things as I did not for a long time, the reality is that it is very real and can be very devastating. So as this began to happen our team decided that we needed to go home and let Jesus do His work in this situation. After prayer for deliverance and protection the glory of God showed up in a mighty way and led our team into a night of worship. God is always with us and will always protect us if we come into that truth and let Him do His work.

I say this not to frighten but to let everyone know the reality of doing God's work. We must be in prayer and put on the full armor of God everyday and just rest in God's great love. Our team is not the only one being attacked in such ways, team Haiti is getting hit hard in the spiritual and it is even taking effect in the physical. They are ok though and are continuing in God's great work solely because of the protection and love of the Lord Almighty. All of this, while hard to deal with, is a great sign though. This truly reasures our teams that what we are doing is having eternal and Heavenly impact and because of this, all that is of evil is not happy and is trying to stop the impact... which cannot be stopped when it is under the wings of God's grace, love, hope and all else that is of Him.

I am so privileged to be doing what I am doing and it is truly an adventurous life. I am only here because of your support and so again I thank you and want to encourage you that your support is shaking the foundations of this earth. I encourage you to keep our team and all of the teams in your prayers and rest assured that God is moving in mighty ways. Blessings on all of you and pray for strength as we continue pressing in these last couple weeks. Much love from India.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Awaken Revival

The world is burning with Revival. If you aren't paying attention you may not see it but if you look at what is happening around the world right now... it is set ablaze with revival that is spreading like wildfire. This is the time and we are right in the middle of it... where else would you want to be?

Many things are happening around the world and India is one of these places. Revival is breaking out here and it is such a blessing to be here during this time. But it is not enough to see it happening here, in China, South Korea, South America, Africa and all over the world but not America.

As our team met this week for more prayer and worship we were asked to be silent and let God give us two words, one to describe this past year, and one to describe our future. Without a second going by two words came to my mind about my life... AWAKEN REVIVAL.

As you know this blog is called words of the waking, and in God's beautiful plan he gave me this title about a month before my DTS was changed from being called Classic DTS to Awaken DTS. This is the theme of my life for the past six months or so. I have been a "Christian" my whole life but I have been asleep and useless. But about six months ago God hit me and helped me to realize that I wasn't happy because I knew there was more. He told me to wake up and realize the life He has planned for me... so this is what I have been doing... I have finally been opening my eyes and waking up to the reality of the life God calls us to.

The next word God gave me is for my future... REVIVAL. Now that I am awake I cannot go back to sleep. Now that I know the reality of God and His calling on my life, I would not wish to change it. He has called me to help bring revival wherever I go. My testimony is one that He wants to use to spark a flame in people all over the world but also He has really put it on my heart to be a part of the revival that is going to happen in America. I am ready for the third Great Awakening to happen all over the world and especially in the US. We need it more than anything right now because so many of our churches (not all) are sleeping through God's calling.

I have never been so excited in my life because God is giving me vision after vision of revival He wants to bring through the awakening in my life and many others lives around me. I am telling you first hand that there is a great movement going on around the world and I encourage you to wake up wherever you are and be a part of it. You do not want to miss what God is about to do... because it is going to rock the foundations of this world. Pray continuously for this reality and to have your heart open to what God is doing right now!

this is my prayer for you and all the nations.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finishing Strong

The finish line is in sight and your mind begins to race... "what's next? How are you going to finish? Keep going strong!"

As our team is here again in Mumbai with just over three weeks left, it is easy for the mind to start racing around and getting off track from the reason why we are here. So how will we finish? Our team has come back to Mumbai with one goal in mind... to finish strong. The thing on our hearts the most is to not be complacent and think about the short amount of time left. We have been pressing hard into prayer and really asking God for the motivation to end better than we began. I ask all of you at home to pray for the same thing.

God has really been doing a work in us because of the time we have been spending in prayer. Everyday back here in Mumbai has been amazing and God has really been answering our prayers. We have been looking for every opportunity and door that God opens for us. We have been stepping out in humility and really just pressing into God's heart. We are determined to do as much in this little time we have left as possible and so that when this time is over we can look back and say that we gave it our all. No regrets, nothing missed, this is what we pray for and this is how I encourage each of us to live every day.

We have had the opportunity to go into highly Muslim areas and God is really pressing future opportunities on my heart that I won't share now but as I get more information on such things I will keep you in the loop. I am trying to focus on the time here now, but God is definitely opening doors for where I will probably be leading a team next summer and I am very excited as to His plan for my life. Please keep our team in your prayers and I will keep you all updated on what He is doing in my life. I love and miss you all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Here and Now

Live in the now, don't worry about the future or dwell on what we might call the "good ol' days." For this is the place where we grow with God, the here and now.

I have always been a person who looks to the future. I wonder about what I am going to do next and where I am going to go after this. But something that I have been learning is that God does not want us to worry about the past or dwell on the future. He wants us to be here this very moment in relationship with Him. The past cannot be changed and the future is not guaranteed so why try living in either.

The reality of this has hit me here in India. I know what is next in line for me, I am going to be staffing with the Awaken crew for at least the next two years and I can't wait. I have ideas about where God wants me to lead a team next summer and what He wants me to do in Hawaii. But as for this moment, this is where God wants me and this is what He wants me to do. He wants me to give my all to where I am right now. He wants all of us to take advantage and get the most out of this moment. He has been telling me not to worry about what my time in Hawaii will be like, or where I will lead a team next summer, but rather to focus my mind, strength and heart on the people here in India now. His heart is here with us right now and He wants us to live in and through it.

If we focus too much on the future or dwell too much on the past we are going to miss what God is doing now and the doors He is opening for us. How many times have we not heard God's voice as He called out to us because we were too busy trying to plan our own life? How much better is it to focus on God's voice now and let Him guide us into His path for our life since He saw the beginning and end before we were even born? I am done trying to plan my life because my plan will never be better than His. It is not easy to surrender our time on this earth over to God, but it will be eternally worth it. For our time here on earth is but a blink of the eye in comparison to our eternal destiny. So I encourage you to stop trying to take control and live in this moment right now. Listen to what God is saying to you today because He is telling you how to reach the end of our time on earth in a way that when you come face to face with Him, He will look at you with a smile and open arms then say, "Well done my good and faithful child... Well done."

Friday, October 29, 2010

When God Laughs

God loves to laugh and we should learn to laugh with Him. He tells us to have child-like faith and I think a big part of this command is to have the joy of a child that knows laughter brings life to the soul.

Before our team left Kona we were praying and getting words from God for our time in India. I got the words "touch and bless the water." Of course at the time this just sounded absurd and I had no idea what it meant but I shared the words with our team anyway expecting God to be God, and believing He would come through on these words.

On Thursday morning pastor Ashu asked if some people from the team would join him at two dedications the Din Bandhu ministry was a part of. While I wasn't truly in the mood I decided I would go and so did Chase and Rachel. We didn't think about what was going on but we just went to be supportive to Ashu. When we got to the first village dedication not a single thought about what we were really doing in this village went through my head. At the end of the dedication our team was asked to come up and pray over what was being dedicated that day.

During a prayer of blessing God spoke to me and said, "Cassidy what are you doing right now?"

I hesitated and said, "I'm praying."

Then God spoke again and this time I could hear Him giggling as He asked, "What are you praying for?"

At that moment it dawned on me and while my outburst of laughter wasn't enough to steal the attention it was one in the company of laughter with God. You see at that moment I finally put it together that Chase, Rachel and I were laying our hands on a large water pump connected to an underground water spring that was supplying fresh water to this village. We were touching and blessing the water in India. God was laughing because the word He gave our team in India was one He knew we wouldn't understand, but he was so excited for the moment that He would reveal His plan to us. God loves to speak to us, to tell us the things he wants to do, and to laugh with us like best friends or a father and child.

While it is true that we are to follow God in reverence and awe, and we are to fear Him as the Old Testament so clearly states, we are also supposed to laugh with Him. God IS joy among all of His other infinite characteristics and we must be careful not to just embrace one aspect of Him but instead enjoy all of Him. Laughter is a part of God's being and to be caught up in times of laughter with God have been some of the most joyful times of my life. So enjoy a child-like faith and look for the times in life that God wants to have a good laugh with us because He is a good father who loves when His children begin to see His plan unfold!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Living Word

The word of God is living and active. This has become such a reality to me as our team has had the privilege of sharing the good news with people all over central India. I have come to see for myself that it is not about what we say or how we say it, rather it is only about letting God's will be done and His spirit flow through us and use us. The words may not always sounds right to us as they come out, but every time we share the good news about God's love and Jesus Christ to the villages, they respond. You can literally see God grip the hearts of these people through His word and move in them. They change, there is no heart to hard for the love of God. We have seen many come to the Lord and I am constantly surprised by the ones who stand first to accept God's love in these villages. Speak about God's love, not your own agenda and people will change. Maybe not right in front of your eyes, but know that God is working in their hearts and that is what matters. It is not about us at all... it is not about the numbers being saved or being healed... it is about loving God more and more each day and letting His love overflow from our lives into the lives of those around us.

A little update on what we have been doing. We spent the beginning of this week at another compound in central India owned by the Din Bandhu ministry team that we are working with. We got to see their training school and another one of their bigger churches. We also had the privilege of washing the feet of widows (the guys could only pray over them because of the culture so we could not touch them, but the women got to wash their feet), what a life changing experience. It is so humbling and brings just as much love to our heart as it did to theirs. We got back to Wardha on Wednesday and went to a couple villages. Last night I had the honor of getting to share the gospel in front of a crowd of over 200. I could literally do this my whole life. God's love is so incredible and has changed my life so much that I want everyone to know it. This Sunday I also have been blessed with an opportunity to preach in the church here in Wardha which I am stoked about because this won't be the "Gospel" directly but a message from the word which I am really looking forward to. We head back to Mumbai on the 8th of November and will spend our last month in India there.

That is a brief update on what is happening so far. Please continue to pray for our team as we go into the villages each night, and please also keep the three Haiti teams in your prayers because of the cholera outbreak there in the drinking water. They have been sorrowed by watching women and children die in front of them and it has been really hard on them so if you could lift them up in your prayers that would mean a lot to me and their teams. If you have any questions please email me or leave comments below. My APU email address is not working for the time being so feel free to email me at or get me on facebook. I love you guys and can't wait to share all of this with you in person, blessings!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Light in the Darkness

It has all been worth it. The months spent praying for India. All of the preparation getting ready to come here. All of your prayer back home. All of the time spent in God's word getting closer to Him and His heart for these people. All of the time spent in worship thanking God for the things he has done and will do... It has all been worth it.

We have been in India now for almost a month and while we have made many friends and got to know the culture, we haven't seen God show up in the way that everyone was imagining. We had very high expectations for our team, actually many people had high expectations for our team and what God was going to do through us. As I struggled with not seeing God show up in big ways yet, I kept having the same conversation with Him.

"Cassidy if you didn't see people come to know me, if you didn't see people get healed, if you didn't see miracles here in India... then would you still serve me faithfully?" While I had a hard time with it I told God, "Yes I will serve you faithfully my whole life even if I don't see the fruit of my labor."

Through the faithfulness of our team God has begun to show up in a mighty way. Two nights ago we went to a village that we had to hike to in the middle of nowhere that had never seen white people let alone hear the Gospel. After sharing, 5 people gave their life to Christ. On our way home that night I started rejoicing and telling God that if nothing else happened in India while we were here, it was all worth it.

But God wasn't done and isn't done... He has asked our team to be a light in the darkness and to spread the light of His love throughout India. Tonight our team went to another village much bigger and got to share testimonies and the Gospel again. God showed up in a huge way! Over 50 people gave their life to Christ tonight and as if that wasn't enough, God wanted to heal the sick too. Over 10 people were healed from different sicknesses and ailments. God is so good and as our team was heading back tonight we felt Him saying to us that it isn't over and that there is so much more for us to do. I want to encourage you to continue praying for our team because your prayers are being answered. Rejoice in the Lord always and be a light unto the world, be bold in your faith and God will use you. I love you all.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Giving Up your Life isn’t Always Death

I heard a story this morning of an atheist slave owner who owned an island. He said if any Christians come to the island he will send them away and if they are ship wrecked he will put them on the other side of the island. This is how much he despised Christianity. He was so tired of hearing the Christian message that he would do everything he could to get away from it.

Two Moravian Christians heard about this man and felt called to go there. The only way this was possible was to sell themselves into slavery to this man. The money he paid for them was used by them to get to the island because the slave owner would not pay their way over.

In the early 1900s they boarded a ship and everyone they knew came out to say goodbye... For they had not sold themselves into slavery for a few years but had in fact done so for life. They were determined to spend their whole life spreading the Gospel to the slave owner and to all of the slaves on the island who would not have a chance to hear the good news.

As their ship was leaving, one of them shouted out, "All glory to the lamb that was slain. May he receive the glory of suffering."

This brought tears to my eyes because it was in this moment that I realized I was not truly willing to do the same thing. I always thought I was willing to sacrifice my life for God but I never realized this sacrifice may not be death but rather all of the years of life. What is it that holds me back? Is it fear? What am I afraid of?

I find it so easy to truly say I would be willing to die for Christ, but am I truly willing to live for Him? Are you? This is something that I have been going over and over with in my mind and I ask that you do the same. To die for Christ would mean to sacrifice life and go to be with the Father. To live for Christ means to spend all of the years of life for Him and sacrificing every part of myself for him so that when we leave this world we go to be with Him. Which one is more glorifying to God? Are they the same? I have no answer but I know this is stirring something deep in my soul and I hope it does the same for you. Are you willing to do both? Either? None? This is not to judge but to come to a reality with self.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Be Still and Listen

There is so much going on here in India and it has already been super exciting. The second day we were here my cab got dropped off in the wrong place and so we were lost in the city of Mumbai with no contact numbers. Talk about a time to listen to God. Well I am here so we made it and God told us where to meet up while accomplishing so much more in the time we were split up... He is amazing. Then today we had to stay inside all day because of the possibility of riots since there is a huge debate going on over land between Hindus and Muslims. But again God showed up and the best possible outcome came up and nothing has happened. Plus we got to spend time in some hardcore intercession for this country. It is amazing how God is showing up here already and speaking. I have not heard God as clear anywhere in the world as I have here. I have found that when you follow God's will for your life and live in intimacy with Him, you begin to hear His voice so much more clear. Today was a great day of understanding because we got to lay around all day just soaking in His presence and listening to Him. While he is teaching me so much here already I don't have any deep thoughts or ideas to share with you other than to say that we need to find time to be still and know that God is God and when we just stop and listen we realize that He has been speaking to us the whole time. Slow down and just listen because I know God is speaking.

Other than that some quick highlights of India while I have internet is that everything is super fast paced and insane hahaha. But even in what seems to be chaos there is so much structure. Everyone is so hospitable here even though some of their hospitality is way different than that of the western world. For example, it is super polite here to push your way through people as you are boarding trains that have literally five times more people than they are meant to carry (and while that seems like a joke I am being serious, they get mad if you don't cram and push your way on the train cause they want everyone on board). The chai here is amazing for you tea lovers and the food is probably the best food I have ever had in my life, literally it might be better than taco bell and if you know me that is saying a lot. It is hard to be here at times if I am to be honest because it is very uncomfortable but that is exactly what I asked God for because I knew it would make me rely on Him more. God is great and I am so blessed to be able to serve here in India. If you can continue to pray for my team that would be amazing and if you have anything you need prayer for please ask. I love you all and can't wait to see you in Decemeber.

On a side note... Congrats to Matty and Kirst who are getting married this Saturday I so wish I could be there guys, I know it is going to be amazing. I love you both!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Treasure for All

Before I get into some amazing revelation from Jake Hamilton, I wanted to thank all of you again who supported me and made it possible for me to even be going to India tomorrow morning. I do not know if I will have internet over there to blog for the next few months but please keep checking in the chance that I can.

Now when Jake Hamilton was speaking in our class he said something really interesting that I had never really thought of. In Matthew 13:44 Jesus tells the parable of the Hidden treasure and then in 13:45-46 he tells the parable of the Pearl Merchant. What I never really thought of is that these two parables go together and work off of one another.

The first tells the story of a poor man who finds a treasure (which is the Kingdom of Heaven) in a field in which he then burries it and sells everything he has to purchase the field with the treasure in it. First off, think of how long it would take you to sell everything you own. This man devoted his whole life to selling everything he had just so he could purchase the field with the treasure in it. That is how valuable this treasure is to the poor man.

Following this parable we then read of a rich man who was a pearl merchant looking out for choice pearls and then he came across a pearl of great value (which is the Kingdom of Heaven) in which he went on to sell everything he owned to buy it. This rich man saw the pearl and sold everything he had to obtain it. The incredible thing that we find when reading both of these parables together is that no matter who you are, rich or poor in life, the Kingdom of Heaven is worth giving away everything for. The rich man found just as much value in the Kingdom as the poor man and they both sold everything they had to obtain it.

Remember that no matter where you are in life or what you have, the Kingdom of Heaven is worth giving all of that away to obtain it. Jesus told us to die to ourselves so that we could truly live in Him. The things we have and the life we dream of will never be better than the life God has for us and when we can truly see the value in the Kingdom of Heaven, no matter who we are or where we are at, we will be willing to give everything away to obtain it. I know that I have seen this realization and this is why I am willing and excited to devote my entire life to knowing God and loving Him more and more each day. I also see so much value in the Kingdom that I am willing to give everyone an opportunity to have it which is why I will share the Gospel with anyone. If you are ever afraid to share the Gospel with people think of it in this way...

If you saw a truck speeding down the road about to slam into someone, would you not tell them to move or even go as far as to tackle them out of the way in order to save their life? Penn (from Penn and Teller, who is an atheist) was told about Jesus from a fan and in an interview he thanked the fan for sharing even though he didn't believe what the guy said. But what he said in the interview struck my heart so hard. Penn said, "If you Christians truly believe that someone who doesn't know Jesus is going to go to hell when they die, then how much do you have to hate that person not to share the truth with them?" I really want you to think about this for a moment...

I know that is a sour note to leave you on but I leave with this because I pray for boldness over all of you and myself that we can go into the world and share the good news about Jesus to everyone. I love you all and I can't wait to share with you all that God is doing in India. Blessings!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Next Move

So sorry for taking so long to update all of you on my decision. The internet here on campus has not been the most reliable thing to say the least and that on top of this being our last weekend and so on has made it hard to update all of you. Well let me begin by telling all of you thank you for your prayers during this time because I know they helped a lot. This is what I had been going through and how I got to my decision.

I was so set on being a part of the leadership of Awaken staff because I truly believe in what they do and I have got to be a part of Awaken from the beginning even though I am a student this quarter because this is the first quarter for the Awaken DTS. Well then two weeks ago Amy Sollars who leads Fire and Fragrence asked me to staff with them which is a huge privilage because I have a lot of respect for her and the other leaders. So I began going back and forth literally every 15 minutes or so as to which one I should do and it got really hard because I never thought I would come to a decision. Then two Sundays ago it came to me in prayer. God told me that I needed to take the leadership and all of the people out of the equation and go from there. When I did that I came to my decision. Well to make things even better I got a text from my mom the next day who had been in prayer earlier that morning and she gave me a word that she too felt God was saying to take Amy and Andrew out of the equation and go with what fulfills my vision most and my desires in leadership. This was amazing because my mom didn't know I got the same word from God the day before, I love how God works.

So anyways I got to sit on my decision for the next few days and really see how it sat with my soul and I was at peace about it. On Thursday of last week I met with Amy and Andrew both and told them that I was going to be joining the Awaken Staff starting January! They were both super supportive which made things a lot easier. With that said I will be coming home for Christmas on December 18th and then I will be getting a one way ticket back to Kona on January 5th... from there we will see where God takes me but I am very very excited for a future of just getting to know Him and His love more each day. I love you all and just wanted to update you on my decision and hopefully I will get to post something amazing that I had learned last week before I leave for India this Friday!!! So be praying for that. I miss you all and dwell in God's love because it's better than anything else I have ever found.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not 100%

I am at a point of making a decision as to the next step in my life and as I do this, I do not go about it alone but rather I go to God for guidance. Well what if God doesn't answer or what if I am not a 100% sure that what I am hearing is from God?

This has been the looming question that I have been dealing with lately and it is because I have surrendered my life to Him so I want to do what He has planned for me. Well there are some conclusions I have come to on this topic with the help of Dan Baumann who spoke in my DTS this past week. The answer is that we don't have to be 100% sure what God is saying, we just have to step out in faith that He is speaking. Now this may sound wrong or weird but hear me out first.

God made us who we are. He instilled in our being certain desires and characteristics that not everyone has. So if I have surrendered my life to Him, and if I have been drawn into His heart, and if my every prayer and desire is to do what He wants me to do, then do you not believe that our heart which is now aligned with His will help guide us? As I seek out what God has for me, and as I begin to listen to what I think He wants me to do through His still small voice inside of me, then I can step out in faith that His heart is directing mine... And if there is a peace in my soul and heart about that decision, and if it is glorifying to God, then do you not also believe that this is God's comfirmation?

I truly believe that a good, faithful, and completely loving God has changed our hearts so much once we obide in Him and surrender our lives to Him that our heart will begin to reflect His. So the way we see others, situations, decisions, will begin to reflect His. This is possible through the Holy Spirit that dwells in us who Jesus calls parakletos in the greek which means comforter, standby, advocate, intercessor, teacher, friend, guide, strengthener, leader, and helper. God's reflecting heart through the Spirit in us will guide us and give us peace in decisions we make even if we are only pretty sure we are hearing God through the still small voice inside of us.

With all of this said, I am beginning my week of prayer and fasting to just simply enjoy God's presence and in this know that as I make my decision about what to do next, the Spirit will give me peace and guidance even if I am not 100% sure what God is saying. Sometimes both directions are good and God just wants us to make a choice because both will glorify and further our relationship with Him. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that we grow closer to God, further His Kingdom and realize that no matter what... He still Loves us... ain't that amazing?!?!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Decisions Decisions

It has been quite a long time since I have blogged and I apologize for that but it has been a busy couple weeks. I am going to do my best to catch you up on what is going on in my life but it's not going to be the full story so if you want to hear more please contact me.

Well it all started at the beginning of last week when we had Amy Sollars come to our class to share on the truth about the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you, this was quite a reality check... but God is so good all of the time. Amy unleashed a reality upon me in so many ways that has changed my perspective on many things and not only that it has strengthened my relationship with God. Now my story with Amy started at the time of my application and without getting into it too much, God knew from the beginning of time he was going to use her to open my eyes to His Love. So after God rocked my world last week, my parents came in and got to experience a weekend full of my transformation, Heidi Baker, and Amy which to say the least has wrecked all of us in the best way possible. It was the most encouraging and needed weekend I have had in a long time. Again if you want details about it please ask my folks or ask me because I would love to share.

Well after all of this, God decided to throw me a curveball about my future and this is really what I want to talk about because it has to do with many of you too. God has been telling me for quite some time now that I would be back in Kona working with YWAM after my DTS. The details of that have been left out and are still left out to an extent but He has opened two amazing doors for me and this is where I am at. I have an opportunity to staff the same DTS I am in next July and from January until then I can spend time with the staff and build up our leadership community as a body of believers who are seeking after the Lord to really develop what the Awaken DTS is supposed to look like. This is really where I thought God would be taking me until Saturday when he threw me a curveball. On Saturday Amy asked if I would like to join her staff and work with them starting as soon as I get back from outreach in a separate DTS called Fire and Fragrence. This too is such an amazing opportunity and I am now in the middle of two great options. Please don't think that I am complaining about these two options but know that this is a very hard decision. So what I want to really ask of you is two things:

1. I would love for you to be praying for me diligently that God would reveal His will for me by the end of next week because that is when I need to know my decision. I am going to be fasting and praying all next week as I seek the Lord and I would love it if some or all of you would like to join me in this process because I truly think of all of you as part of a team who supports and believes in what God has called me to. And if during your time of prayer and fasting you hear a word from God for me... please do share :)

2. I would like for you to also be praying into God's will for you to partner with me in this journey for as long as He has me in the missions field. The missionary lifestyle is a very humble one in which I can only go on as long as I have a prayer and monetary support team backing me up. I don't need any final commitments anytime soon but please be seeking the Lord on this matter because it is something that I truly need in order to fulfill this calling.

As always I thank you all for your support and commitment to God's calling on my life and I again ask that if any of you need prayer for anything please do not hesitate to ask because I would truly love to pray for you all as well. I love you guys and I will be blogging more frequently in the future, I have just had a heavy couple weeks... which have been amazing, but it has made it hard to blog during them. By the way I thank you all so much for your support because I have all of my finances in now and I will be off to spread God's love in India in two weeks!!!! I truly cannot wait because God has given me His heart for the people in India and He loves them so much... I cannot wait to show them how He feels about them! Blessings

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Expectations

How do we invision the Holy Spirit? What are we really talking about when we talk about the Holy Spirit? These are all things that I have been dealing with since I have been here at YWAM because I have encountered the truth of the Holy Spirit.

My time here at YWAM has been insane to say the least. I have experienced things that I truly have never experienced in my life and they have brought me to the truth about my life. Now I am going to share something kind of personal and please don't think this is true for every Christian out there but this was true for me. The second night I was here at YWAM during worship I looked around at everything that was going on. People were truly on fire for God and there was so much passion flowing out of their worship among other things. The Holy Spirit was working inside of them and they didn't care what they looked like to others, they were completely surrendered over to God and free to be who He wanted them to be. About 30 minutes into worship with all of the charismatic stuff happening I got truly terrified of being in that place. Now I realized as I shyed away to the back that I wasn't terrified because of the things that were happening to others, I was terrified because I realized I wasn't feeling anything.

My whole life I thought I had an intimate relationship with God and at that moment I realized I didn't. Now I do believe that I had found salvation and that I was saved, and if I would have died I was going to heaven... but I did not know God and I did not have an intimate relationship with Him. My relationship was dead and I was living in religion. Do we really know who we are in Christ? Are we truly walking in an intimate relationship with him in which he is always number one in our life? For me this wasn't true and I saw what it would look like if it was true. I encourage all of you to really look at your life and see if you have this sort of relationship with God and if not just come to him and tell him that you want it and that you really want to give everything up to him. Believe me that once you do your life will be changed in unbelievable ways. There is such power in letting God be number one and being led always by him. Loren Cunningham (the founder of YWAM) spoke in our class on Friday and every single story in His life is just God telling him what to do and then Him just doing it. That is what we are called to do with our life, listen and obey. I assure you that once you do your life will be unreal. If you have time you should read Loren's book "Is that Really You God." It is about the founding of YWAM and the crazy things that have happened in his life just by listening to God.

This week coming up in class is Spirit week and we have Amy Sollars and Heidi Baker coming to speak on the topic. If you don't know who these two are you should look them up and see the miraculous things that are happening through their ministries. I am telling you that things happen around them because of the power of the Holy Spirit in and around them... things that if I even mentioned them on here you would think I was crazy. But if you want to see modern day miracles you must look them up and thier ministries. Our class has huge expectations for what is going to happen this week as we invite the power of the Holy Spirit to take over our class and so I ask that you would be praying for myself and my classmates to be open to whatever God wants to do this week. I love you all and as always if you have any questions, concerns, or prayer requests please get a hold of me so I can answer, explain, or pray for you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Calling... Update on India

So there are a few things that I wanted to update you guys on. This one is not so much on what God is teaching me, but more about what God has called me to and what my team is tentatively going to do in India.

First off I just wanted to update all of you on the fact that God has called me into the missions field for a while. Just how long He wants me here I do not know but what I do know is that I will be home for a few weeks starting toward the end of December and then I am going to be leaving again about a week into January. The exact date of my departure and the time I am going to be gone depends on where in the world God is calling me and again depends on what God has in store for me. What I do know is that I have never been more at peace and fulfilled in life as I am serving God in the missions field. It is the part of me that was always missing that I have been trying to find in everything else that just didn't quite satisfy me.

Now for what is more set in stone is an update on what my team will be doing in India. As of now it sounds like we are going to work with a church planting group in the area of Wardha for about a month. At this location we will be starting up churches and even having a chance to preach the Word to the locals of this area. This is something that I am really excited about because I love preaching the gospel and I love talking in front of crowds. We are also going to spend some time hopefully in Bollywood with a contact that our team has. He is going to try and get us on some sets to speak with some of the actors and actresses in India. We are hopefully going to do this for a week and try and spread the word there. For the last month or more of our trip we are going to spend time in Mumbai and go live in the slums. Here we are going to work with the orphans, and try to spread love and light in the red light district which is a very dark place where many women and families are held in bondage. It is very sad the more we find out about such places as this in India but nothing is more exciting than the reality of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to places of hell on earth. As I recieve more information on what we are going to be doing in India I will let you know... One thing I can let you know though is that I am still in great need of financial help from all of you.

Asking for financial help from people other than my parents has never been my strong suit but what I have began to realize is that I am not asking for you to just part with your money on my behalf but rather I am asking for your financial support so that together we can go out into the world and spread God's love. The reality of community, support, and different parts of the body of Christ working in different areas has really helped me in the area of asking for help and realizing I cannot do this on my own. So I ask you once again to please help support me... I still need to raise 3000 $ by the first week of September. If you can help at all the link in the top right is the easiest way to support by credit card online and if you would like to send a check you can send it to:

Cassidy Green, July 2010 Awaken DTS
75-5851 Kuakini Hwy
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 USA

Again I thank you all for your prayers, financial support, and the support of community by following the transformation of my life on this blog. It means so much to me... I cannot thank you enough... Blessings.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What am I Willing to Die for?

Alright Mom before you read the title and think that I am talking about martyrdom be at ease because that is not where I am fully taking this.

As Don Gilman got up to the front this morning to teach our class about "Missions and giving up our rights," he started off with a really tough question. "What are you truly willing to die for?" He asked us to take a minute and be honest as we write down what we would actually die for. My list looked something like this:
- My faith
- My close family
- My future wife and kids
- Some of my friends

Now this might have even been a stretch because while I was trying to be honest I was also being hopeful in some ways. Let's be real, this is a very hard question to answer. Well after this Don hit us with the truth...

"Until we know what we are willing to die for, we really don't know what we are living for!" Wow... it really does make sense that the things we really live for are the things that we would be willing to die for. As if this isn't enough, Don hit us with a left hook and asked our class, "Is this life you are living now worth Jesus dying on the cross for?" So now I take a step back and evaluate my life as I hope you are doing right now. What am I really living for and is my life worth Jesus dying on the cross for? If it isn't, then why not take this time to make a change. It doesn't have to stay this way. Do you know what the word repent really means? In the Greek it means a change of mind, and in the Hebrew it means to change direction. Well then if you answered no to the latter question as I did, it is time to repent and change our mind and direction in life. What a way to start the week off hahaha.

The great news of this though is that Jesus came to this earth with one purpose. Mark 10:45 says, "For even I, the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve others, and to give my life as a ransom for many." He came to serve others and die for our sins. Romans 5:6-8 says, "When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners... But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." This is so amazing that Christ found our lives worthy of his death even if we may not, but this does not mean we are to just sit in the place of mediocrity. No we are to repent, change our mind and direction and then live the same life as Christ. We will never be truly content until we begin living a life more worthy of Christ dying for.

Most of what holds us back from this type of life is fear. Fear will keep us from being who we were meant to be, it will keep us from faith. Fear is truly just misplaced trust; instead of trusting God, we are trusting that something is going to go wrong. We must give our fears over to God so that we can truly live the life we were meant to live. I pray that you and I can live a life without fear and that we begin each day looking more and more like Christ. How great of a world would it be if the church truly reflected Christ? A bit of Heaven on earth if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living Radically


We have so lowered the bar in Chrisitanity that what was to be normal has been declared radical; But Jesus came to demonstrate the norm for the life of His followers. He wants to redefine the possible in us. He did not die on the cross so that Christians could survive but rather he died on the cross and rose again so that Chrisitans could strive! We are once again to be consumed by the Holy fire of God and become a man burning in the desert like John the Baptist... we are to be consumed by the Holy Spirit and do the "miraculous."

John 14:12 says, "The truth is, anyone who believes in me (Jesus) will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." If we are so afraid of failure that we don't step out in faith, then we are failing God in who he created us to be. Don't fear hurting God's reputation by trying the miraculous, rather fear not obeying what God has called us to and that is performing greater works! These works that we are to do and perform are not of our doing but of faith in the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. John 14:15 says, "If you love me, obey my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another counselor, who will never leave you. He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth."
This Holy Spirit works through us to perfom miracles and provide revelation and prophesy from God. It is a direct connection with the Father that works in everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and has faith in his grace and truth.

Acts 2 talks about the works of the Holy Spirit in us. 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and 14 emphasize this truth in us and how the Holy Spirit can manifest. I come bringing this truth to all of you not because I have read it here in the Bible and know the Bible is wholly true, but because I was a skeptic until God encountered me here at YWAM and showed me the truth. I challenge each and everyone of us as a body of believers to understand and learn the power that God can use through us whether it be prophesy, healings, signs and wonders, and so on. I can gaurantee that when we discover the reality of this, our prayer life, our time in the word, our worship, and our entire relationship with God will be transformed so radically that we will finally understand what Jesus asks of us wherever we go and whatever we do in the world.

Again I have just thrown so much upon you and it may not make sense but it is something that has really been on my heart. I have experienced so much here that I truly never imagined and I want all of you to experience this too. God is igniting a revival in the church around the world that is "radical" but truly the norm and we should be a part of this. If you have any questions about any of this or want to hear more please email me, call me, facebook me, or leave a comment below this blog.

Side note... God is doing crazy things through prayer here and not just for people on this base. We have prayed many times for family of students here back home and have seen miraculous results, so if you or anyone you know needs prayer please let me know and we will pray for them! Love you all and please stay in touch because it means a lot.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Revival of the Heart

This week we have been hit with the concept of revival. Now you must forgive me as I am about to just let everything flow out for a minute because there is so much on my heart I want to share.

"The greatest event in a human life is moving from death on the inside to life abundantly (zoe). This is what we call salvation." ~Andy Byrd

This is what Andy calls Revival of the Heart. It is from this point that we try to move to a place of sanctification (reformation or transformation; making our life reflect the choice we had made). The problem here is that so many people have a point in their life where they have reached a "spiritual high" and are loving God so much in that moment but they don't get to sanctification and within a couple weeks they are right back where they started creating the effect of a spiritual roller coaster. The reason for this as Andy described is one of great importance that once understood will truly transform a life.

After the Revival of the Heart we hit a place where we must walk through the small gate of SURRENDER. Andy put it in this way when talking about surrender to God, "intimacy without surrender always leads to adultery." What we need to understand is that revival of the heart is like walking into a marriage with God. All throughout the Bible in places like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and all over the New Testament we see this reference to Jesus being the bridegroom and us being the bride of Christ. Now the most important thing to remember with this reference of marriage and surrender is that something so significant happens on our wedding day. When we look at the person standing across from us and we say, "I do..." What is really happening is that we are not only saying yes to them, but we are saying NO to the thousands of idols, people, and temptations that are to come at us in our life. Saying yes on your wedding day is this same as saying no to everything else the rest of your life that tries to come between you and your spouse. This is the surrender, we are surrendering ourselves to a lifetime of no's to anyone or anything that tries to come between us and our life with God. So once we have encountered God in our lives, we must reach sanctification by surrendering to God and telling him truly that no matter the circumstance, we will never say yes to anything else but him.

Once we get to this point we begin to see what true revival is like... we become a burning man like John the Baptist who was so consumed by God that he didn't even have to leave the desert to do his ministry, people by the thousands came out to him. Once we have this revival and we start to be transformed, we can become the people that step into the corporate church and spread the fire, which leads to revival of the church and then reformation of the church and then eventually to revival of the lost. This is God's heart for his people and this is where we are to go... but it starts with encountering Him, saying yes to Him, and surrendering ALL to Him.

Now I have a lot more to say so later today I am probably going to blog again on what a life that has been revived at the heart and is a burning man looks like. I am going to tell you one of the most powerful things that I have learned here... The truth that the life Jesus and the disciples lead is not radical but the NORM!

I love you all! If you have any prayer requests about anything or anyone please let me know so that me and my team can pray for you. We have seen God do the miraculous here on a daily basis for us and others around the world that have been prayed for so don't hesitate because God wants to do the miraculous for all of us.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So it has been a little bit since I have blogged last and it is not because there is nothing to say, but because there is so much and it is very hard to put what God is doing and teaching into words. One thing though that we are learning about this week that has had a massive impact on me is the idea of prayer and intercession. I know I have already talked about a change in my prayer life here but God has been encouraging even more change still.

Intercession according to the dictionary is the act of intervening between two parties. Well this is exactly what intercessory prayer is all about. It is the act of hearing God's heart for a person, group, or nation and then asking God desperately to intervene in the injustice of what is happening. Well before I get into this a little more, I must confess that my prayer life (and I would think many of our prayer lives) has been mediocre at best. Prayer, if I am to be honest, has always been boring to me and I always wondered why I would have to pray if God already knows my thoughts. Well like everything else that has happened to me here at YWAM, God has rocked my world and revealed his true heart on the subject.

Prayer is more than just speaking mundane words to God. Prayer is about an intimate relationship with God that we have been blessed to be able to have. In the Old Testament, the people would have to go to the Levites and have them hear and speak from God. But because of what Christ did on the cross we have now been blessed with a connection to God that is so real and fruitful that we would be foolish not to take advantage of. Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Our words are not in vain but truly have power and we are able to relate this power back and forth between us and God because of the intimacy that dwells in us. Christ left his spirit in us when he died on the cross and the Holy Spirit is a direct connection to God that we are blessed with.

On top of this power of prayer that we are to fully believe in, Christ commands us to use this to intercede on behalf of those who need God's help. Luke 18:1-8 talks about persistently crying out to God in prayer on behalf of justice and in turn His justice will reign. "One day Jesus told his disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must never give up... so don't you think God will surely give justice to his chosen ppeople who plead with him DAY and NIGHT?" There is so much to say about the power of prayer and intercession but we must realize that there is more power in prayer than we can even comprehend and that going to God in intercession is a place of voluntary weakness to let Him do his work and not rely on our own humanity.

I don't know how much of this made sense because it is a lot to work through, but if you have any questions please feel free to post it right below this where it says post comments or even email me. I urge all of us to take a step back and truly look at our prayer life and realize that there is power in our words and that God wants us to come at him with a realness and passion more than just a multitude of words. Pour out your heart to Him and watch him bless your faithfulness.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There is no Play Book

Tonight was community outreach night and we are learning to follow God into the world and reach out to those who don't know Him. At first it seems really hard but once you get down to it, you just have to let God be God and do his own thing through us.

The idea is to go downtown in Kona and just meet the people down there and get to know them and love on them. We pray for people, heal them (God willing... which He usually is), love on them, and even lead them to Christ at times. Well before we went out tonight, Jeff who started this ministry here in Kona told us some miraculous stories about what has happened downtown in the past (feel free to ask if you want to be shocked and awed by God's raw power) and to let us know the basic concept. Well the way he ended before sending us out into the world was that we must remember there is no play book on how to reach out to people. What he means by this is yes we have the gospel and the great commission to share, but there isn't really a strict set of things to follow on how to get to know someone and love on them, you just have to let God be God. Well this couldn't have been more true.

As we got downtown I saw two homeless guys sitting on a ledge and we decided to go talk with them. Jose and I went over and were just chatting with them for 5 to 10 minutes just getting to know them and their stories. Sometimes just letting people talk will lead them to ask about the Lord because they can see His light shining bright in you and want to know more about it. Well this didn't happen this time and before we got to talk about Jesus and pray with them they said they had to go and we said farewell... but God wasn't done with one of the guys named Peter. As they were walking away, John who was with us but sitting down the street about 10 yards looked at the two guys and simply said, "Jesus loves you."

In 10 minutes we could not get these guys to open up deep with us but in just 10 seconds John penetrated the heart of Peter and he looked at us and said, "I know." Right then God told me to go back and talk with him again so I ran up to Peter and just started asking him about his walk with God. After opening up to me we continued to walk down the street talking while he put his arm around my shoulders as if we had been friends forever. I found that God had given Peter a heart with an unlimited capacity to love and that he was in desperate need of prayer for a job. I also found out that his wife Carry was in great need of prayer for seizures that she has been having for years. I told him that he would be on my heart and I would continue to pray for him which I will do diligently because I know the Lord wants to provide and work in Him.

It is just amazing to see how powerful God is and how it isn't about us, what we say or how we say it, but it is about his work. Tonight was uplifting and taught me a lot. I encourage all of you reading this to be bold and take time out of your day to talk with a stranger and share the LOVE of God with them. While we may not see the great impact then, we should not be discouraged because God is in charge of the growth... We are simply here to plant the seed!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outreach is upon us

So the time has come that we have finally found out our outreach locations and it has been a crazy process that looked something like this for me...

So first I must back up to Monday night in which the Spirit provided some miraculous healings and even covered a man in our group in gold dust (if you think I am kidding, I wish I was because I wouldn't sound as crazy). I can hardly even describe what happened this night in words but if you want to hear what really happened please ask me because I would love to tell you how powerful God really is.

Anyway, needless to say after this night, I was feeling on fire as if God was just going to make everything simple from here on out. Well truth be told, God ended up testing my obedience to Him once again. The leaders have been asking us to pray about where God wants us to go on outreach for a while and the short version is that I felt like it would be Thailand. On Tuesday morning they revealed the locations finally and Thailand happened to be one of them. So I was feeling really good like I was hearing God so well (which I was but he wanted to check my obedience). Andrew, our leader, asked that we pray all day about our choice and that we would turn them in that night. Well let's just say that my one prayer that day was half-hearted and I just knew I was to go to Thailand. That night we turned in our destinations and not even half an hour after turning it in, I felt restless and knew I had made a mistake.

The next day the leaders were praying over our decisions and Andrew called me because he heard from some that I was not feeling at peace and wanted to know what was up. While he was on the phone with me, Camille (who hears God so clearly) heard God say that the leaders needed to pray for me. So when Andrew got off the phone he asked what was going on and the leaders told him what God had said and he was like, "crazy I was just on the phone with him." Well things only got crazier. During their prayer many leaders got visions (which I will get into in a minute) of where I should go. So the next day I was meeting with Chris, my one on one leader, and he told me that I needed to know my new destination by the end of worship that night.

After worship I had no idea what to do so I asked a bunch of the leaders to pray that I would hear God's voice and while they were praying I heard "India." Well being stubborn and unsure of my ability to hear God I didn't voice this until after I heard the leaders say that is where they heard God leading me. So I confirmed what they heard and this is when they unleashed the amazing upon me...

Not only did multiple leaders have visions of me in India, but one of the leaders (Dan Bowman whose heart truly is one mirroring God's) had a vision of me in India not just for this outreach but further in the future too. So with all of the confirmation from God, I went to bed feeling good about my decision and woke up feeling great about it. It is crazy how God will work his way into our lives and lead us where He wants us if we are open to it. All in all, I will be leaving for India at the end of September for three months and I am so super stoked!!! While all of the info on our outreach isn't final, I will be updating you all on those details as they come. I love you all and thank you again for your prayers and support as I continue to obey God's call on my life.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Outside Looking In

Today I was hit yet again with a realization from the Lord about what He is calling His followers to. I was late to worship tonight because of my work duty and when I got there it was kind of crowded so I decided to sit in a chair on the outside. I was sitting out there trying to get into the worship but just couldn't. I was so stunned that I couldn't get into it because the worship here has just been mind-blowing every time. I sat there in my chair and began to ask the Spirit to move in me and open my heart up to the worship, but it just wasn't happening. I was looking inside and saw how amazing worship was for everyone else but I just wasn't "feeling" it tonight so I decided to just chill.

About half way through, Kat (one of the worship leaders who hears the Spirit in ways that are unfathomable) began to say that she felt as if the Lord was asking everyone on the outskirts to get up and come inside. So I decided why not, it wasn't like I was really doing anything anyways. The moment I got on the inside it hit me that something amazing was going on in there and I was feeling the Spirit begin to move in me. I was alive again in the Spirit of worship and it was amazing.

What I began to hear the Lord say to me as my heart sang out to him was that too often we can be on the outside looking in and expecting the same thing to be happening outside that was happening inside. The truth is that God is always moving and making things happen but we need to take some initiatives to join him. I'm not saying that God doesn't meet us where we are in life because He does in great ways. But I am saying that when we don't "feel" God, maybe it's because we aren't taking the steps toward him. We MUST seek after him with our whole being and when we do, we will experience Him in amazing ways. Micah 6: 8 says, "The LORD has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires: to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." In order to walk humbly with God, we must take steps toward the inside of where he is at.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Power of Prayer

One thing that has moved me so much while I have been here in Kona is prayer. There is so much power in prayer and it is a power that I have not realized. I have never really seen how far prayer can go and to be honest I don't feel like I have really had many honest and passionate prayers in my life until I have been here with YWAM. I am learning what it truly means to hear from the Spirit inside and to speak truth from that. It is no longer about the amount of words that come out of my mouth but rather about the quality and truth of the words that do come out.

Lou Engle has been here in Kona for this past week and tonight he prayed with a passion and intensity that I have not seen in a long time if ever. He prayed truth and wisdom over us and it made me really think about my prayer life and how much time I spend in prayer. One thing he said that really made me think and something that I want you to reflect upon (whether you are a believer or not) is the idea of how we expect great things to happen for God in places where an entire nation prays together 5 times a day and we as a nation just pray here and there as if God makes talking with Him so inconvenient???

I don't know if that came across clear but it just really hit me tonight that unless we change the way we pray and our belief in prayer then we are not making the impact that we could because there truly is Power in Prayer... and I have seen that now and want you all to know this truth. If there is ever a time that I don't think I need to pray about my day, a decision, or anything, I will just look to the Gospels and realize that Jesus prayed more than anyone and He was Emanuel, God with us!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burn Your Ship

Classes have finally started and we are really getting into the routine of things. The days have been filled by worship, class, prayer, basketball, and going into town for ice cream (which all of you who know me could probably guess that I only go to hangout and not eat hahaha). We also start work duties this week which I am actually looking forward to. I have weekend kitchen duty which means I am in the kitchen all weekend. The upside to this is that I don't work all week and we only have to do it every other weekend, so I definitely got hooked up. I am so happy that things are finally beginning because since I have got here all I have wanted to do was jump in head first and get things started. I have been so hungry for the wisdom this place has to offer and I am finally getting fed.

This place has been amazing, shocking, uncomfortable, terrifying, and peaceful all at once. You may wonder how that is possible and let me tell you that it is only possible when you are so completely submerged into the Spirit and the Word like we have been. It is mind-blowing! There are big things happening here and there is no turning back now.

Our speaker for this week is Philip York who is talking about hearing God's voice in our life. It has been exciting to learn all about this. One thing that he brought up this week was an idea that is becoming very real and tangible in my life right now... this is the idea of "Burning my ship." What this means is that I must realize that I am here at this place for one reason and I need to burn the ship that got me here so that I can't turn back. This ship includes everything that has held me back from fully committing to the LORD. So the interesting thing now is finding out what my ship is and what it contains. I wish I could only describe to you how difficult this process has been but how rewarding it has been at the same time.

I really hope all of you are following my blog as much as you can and I will try my best to stay on top of it as much as I can. If you have any thoughts or questions ever about anything you read feel free to email me or even to leave your question as a post and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. (Kind of sounds like an answering machine) Thank you all again for following this, it means a lot to me.

Friday, July 9, 2010


As I sit in my room with the breeze cooling me off I do not worry about the cockroaches, ants, constant sweating, bugs or anything else that used to bring me so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn't focus on what was good. I am in the place that I know I am supposed to be and with this I am at peace.

I have only been in Kona for one day now and I have never felt so sure about where I was or what I was doing. I have had multiple staff now come up to me with words that God had put on their heart to tell me, and every word from all of them said the same thing... "THIS IS IT. It's not going to be like last time. Don't worry about 'how'... Abide in me... Rest in me... I will show you the way."

I truly believe these words to be the truth. I do believe that this is it... this is the time that I truly decide to follow the calling in my life and this time I will not to turn back. I don't regret anything I have done in my life and I am blessed to experience everything I have and still come to the place that I am at now. I wish I could explain more to all of you how at peace I truly find myself right now... it is truly amazing.

As with the rest of YWAM so far, I love it. The people of the Island have been very welcoming. They started today off with a ritual inviting us to their land to live here and tonight we are having a huge worship and dinner festival with everyone here apart of YWAM Kona. My roommates have been super cool guys. They are both Korean but one is from LA and the other is from Australia which blows everyone away to see a Korean with an Australian accent. We are waiting for our last roommate to arrive from Canada but no one seems to know when he is getting here. Anyways, that is what is going on for now... classes and everything start on Monday so I am getting really excited about that. Continue to pray for me that I would hear God's calling and follow it whole heartedly. I miss you all and thank you for your support.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Tides are changing

As I have been preparing for YWAM over the past six months or so God has encouraged me in ways that I never thought possible. Some of these encouragements have been my friends and family praying for me and telling me how excited they are for me... but others have been divine and somewhat odd. First off a few months ago my buddy O'leary and I were eating some Vietnamese food and he made me open my fortune cookie which I never do. My fortune (which is still in my wallet) read, "Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you." Well I got that fortune on April 8th which for those of you who don't know was exactly three months from the day I arrive in Hawaii for YWAM. That is just one crazy thing that could have been coincidence but who knows.

Then just as amazing is that all of the leaders for my YWAM team have been keeping in touch with me on a regular basis praying for me and asking if I needed anything. They have been on top of things in a way which I have never imagined. More so I recieved an email from one of my leaders the other day that read, "As I was praying tonight, I got a vision of you that I thought I would share. So I felt the Lord spoke 'newness' to me and then I saw a picture of you on the beach sleeping as the same waves were crashing over and over. Then all of the sudden a GIANT wave came crashing right over you and you were awakened to a whole new set of waves, different than the first ones, but so much better. You didn't even want to go back to sleep but you wanted to be out there in the new waves. I feel like this is going to be a fresh seaseon for you filled with such new things, things you've never experienced or known before... but it's going to be so good!!"

These things have been so encouraging and exciting. In just a week from today I will be off to YWAM and I know big things are going to happen there and I feel so blessed right now. So I just wanted to share the things that are happening so far pre-YWAM and please continue to follow my blog and pray for me as big things are going to happen over there. I hope everyone has a good Fourth of July!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Beginning of it all

Hey everyone and welcome to the blog for my mission trip. I assume by this point that you have recieved my support letter and are beginning to follow the transformation in my life. As you can see from the date of this first blog, I have not actually began YWAM yet. As a matter of fact I don't leave for YWAM for a little over a month. But I like to believe that God has been transforming me my whole life and that YWAM is another large boost to this transformation. I hope that all of you continue to follow my life through this blog while I am away and continue to pray for me daily because I know I am going to need it. My prayers go out to you too and please feel free to leave comments here for me to read because it is always nice to hear from someone familiar while away from home.